‘We Pick The Winners’ with The WiseGuys

Hey gang, it’s been awhile but let me get ya all caught up. Since my last blog we have shot and posted Episode #2 of The WiseGuys called ‘WHACKER 6000’ and we have received rave reviews. We are in the process of finishing up the other 5 episodes of that web series.  Also, we have added a spin off web series called ‘We Pick The Winners’ with The WiseGuys. Where ‘Big’ Pauley (played by J. Anthony McCarthy) and Vinny ‘Two Times’ (played by Steve Sabo) pick the winners of weekly NFL games. Included in their show they give you their winner of the ‘Bust Out Game’ and ‘WHACK’ of the week plus introduce a weekly ‘Tailgate Recipe’ made by Antonio Critelli owner of the Pizza Palace (played by Jerry Anderson) and the ‘Trivia’ Girls’, Doctor A (played by Erin Rae), Big T (played by Erin Howie) and Little t (played by Sheila Kraics) as they ask you a weekly trivia question and answer viewer mail. We also have had Leslie Peterson, little brother of Adrian Peterson (played by Jeremy Shelton) pay a visit to one of our shows. All in all with the help of Patrick Estrada who runs camera and sound, we will try to keep the ‘We Pick The Winners’ show going through out the playoffs but we may have to take a break because some of us will be out of town. Also we are putting together a ‘best of’ show including some of our out takes so be looking for that. Then we will come back for our final show of season for the Super Bowl. I hope you all have been having as much fun following our shows as we have been making them. And we have been literally making them up as we have go along. You see the WPTW shows are all taped without a script. Yes, that means we improv, so whatever comes out comes out. So stay tuned to see what ‘Big’ Pauley and Vinny ‘Two Times’ get into next. That’s all for now, thanks, keep watching and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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